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Welcome to veterinary practice management software consulting second to none!  Veterinary Software Publishing, Inc. has been providing veterinary practice software and veterinary medical records software since 1986.  We recommend software for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, web-based software and software designed for smart phones and tablets.  We also offer computer hardware consulting: everything you may need from computers to printers and labels.  We can arrange complete networked computer systems with the software installed.  We can also provide consultation on business software such as QuickbooksTM.  Click on the button on the left to Request a FREE DEMO and get started right now!

For Sales Information - In North America, Call us at 1-800-669-3475

We're very friendly here so please call to talk to Ann or Frank.  Contact us at our office in O'Fallon, Illinois. We are on U.S. Central Time. Our hours are from 9am to 5pm. Our voice phone number is 618-623-8880. We have a toll-free SALES PHONE NUMBER in North America: 800-669-3475. Please email us at sales@vetsoftware.com. We welcome your questions about software and computers in your practice!

A portion of our profits are donated to HEIFER International...

A portion of the profits from sales are donated to Heifer International.  Heifer helps the fight poverty by giving an animal, herd, flock, etc. to a family which is then expected to "pass on the gift" of offspring to another family.  Please join our gift registry:  http://www.heifer.org/myregistry/vsp 

Or simple click on:   http://www.heifer.org